About  Us

Our Mission

To discover and develop the unique gifting and talents of area youth through the performing arts.

Our Vision

OnStage Performing Arts Collective will be an inspirational arts center that affects its community through:
●    Presenting thoughtful and professionally executed theatrical performances.
●    Inspiring and helping youth make theater an active part of their lives.
●    Providing a safe environment where young people can explore music, dance, acting, and production.
●    Teaching and expanding technique and performance practice of performers.
●    Providing opportunities for young people to create theatrical experiences, express their individual art, entertain audiences, and receive appreciation.  
●    Encouraging and fostering an environment of hard work and dedication that extends into students’ academic and everyday lives.
●    Engaging diverse audiences with arts related performances and showcases.


Brittany C. Johnson

OnStage Performing Arts Collective (OPAC) has been years in the making. Some of my earliest and fondest memories involve the arts. You see, I come from the home of two creatives - an actor and a musician. Thankfully, they immersed me in the Performing Arts. Any given day we could be seen in town at a show or producing something of our own at home. I have always loved performing. I have also loved imparting the knowledge that I have to those younger than me. 


So, I write this message with great joy. Why? Because now I have that opportunity. The opportunity to give young people art. The opportunity to give them a new means of expression; pulling out something they didn't know was inside.  The opportunity to develop innate talent, foster a spirit of excellence, education, strength, perseverance, and pure fun. I'm elated about what OPAC has to offer you. Come along on the journey - where life meets the stage. 

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